Everyone has a Gift from God.

I move people with music.


I have been performing on stage since the age of 3.

I followed my passion for music and it guided the course of my life.

The experiences influenced the reasons for me to choose on taking up


I am a very simple person who got lucky with a few things.

I had a break in the Kannada film industry with my First Film called Mani

I had the opportunity to direct some great singers like

Shankar Mahadevan and Chitra to name a few.

HI have directed all the top singers of the Kannada film industry in my projects

The music of his first movie called Mani has gone into the evergreen song list.

Besides creating music in the studio and teaching to kids and adults, I love

to perform live
I play music because it can have an extremely positive impact on the audience.

I had the privilege of opening the show for Boney-M at the Palace Ground Bengaluru.Record crowd of more than 50,000.I can never forget that experience

I opened the show for International band Rednex at Palace Ground Bengaluru for 30,000 strong crowd.

I also opened the show for Usha Uthup for a modest gathering of 20,000 in Bengaluru

I have performed for corporate, public and private gathering and events all over India and Malaga Spain

I love to have my audience perform with me

A lot of my time and effort goes towards Light A Life-Reena Raju Foundation to raise funds for needy Transplant Recipients.

I have been featured on TV and Radio and Newspapers luckily for all good reasons

Lets come alive.

B i o g r a p h y